FAQ: Professional references

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Q: What are professional references and why do I need them?

A: A professional reference differs from a personal reference in that it usually involves contact with someone you worked with, instead of a friend or relative. A professional reference also differs from employment reference verification when your prior employment is verified. This is when your previous employer’s HR department contacted you. In the case of a professional reference, a particular person specified in your resume or application is contacted either at home or at work. At FakeYourJob.com and Pursuely, we will provide you with one or more fully verifiable professional reference sources that can be a prior job supervisor or a colleague you worked with at your prior employer. Usually, the last step before a potential employer makes you an offer is checking your professional references. When pursuing your first job, it can be difficult to have a professional reference to provide. Many potential employers are becoming increasingly more reliant on professional references than personal references, which is why we include them in many of our career packages.

Q: Where will my professional reference be based?

A: Your professional reference will be based out of the same state as your employment reference source. FakeYourJob.com and Pursuely use established companies we control located in the United States exclusively for employment references. As a result, your professional reference will be currently employed at your current or prior employer that we assign you.

Q: Can I give you specific instructions as to what is to be said about me when my professional references are contacted?

A: Absolutely. We encourage our clients to provide as many details as possible about prior work ethics, accomplishments, awards, and other items they want to be mentioned in relation to them when we are contacted. This information can be provided before or after your career package order has been Fulfilled.

Q: How credible will my professional reference appear to others?

A: We believe our professional references surpass the credibility of most genuine individuals used as professional references who reference checkers routinely contact. Our personal references are highly developed reference sources all of which have distinguished backgrounds and occupations. Additionally, all of our personal references are listed in 411 directory assistance databases, have a searchable online presence (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook profiles), and more. You will be provided a summary after your order has been fulfilled containing the relevant background details and contact information of your professional references.