Affiliate partner

Earn additional income by referring individuals to and our other platforms

Would you like to improve the quality of life of individuals needing the services we provide while earning additional income? If this interests you then you might want to consider registering to be a and Pursuely affiliate partner. It's free to join and we have a no-hassle application process.

Want to create buzz? Our affiliate partners tell us when they promote our type of service their social media engagement blows up! Why is this? Because when most people first learn about a company like ours they ask themselves "how come I didn't use this shortcut in my life".

Once you apply and are approved as an affiliate we will activate your custom promo/coupon code that you choose which you will provide to your prospective or Pursuely referrals. Your coupon code must be entered at the final checkout page by your referral. Clients you refer to us will receive a 5% discount while you receive a fixed 15% commission award from the total we receive from your referral. For example, if a client you refer purchases one of our Basic Career Packages at $249 they will pay $236 and you will receive $37.

There is no limit on how much you can earn as an affiliate partner. Your earnings are based on your performance within your own social media platform. 

Click the Apply now button on the right to apply today and start earning tomorrow.

Why being a Pursuely affiliate partner makes sense for your online platform:

A  one-of-its-kind industry and service offering like none other.

More than 48,000+ satisfied and Pursuely clients worldwide as of June 2022.

Pursuely has received more than $14m in startup funding from private equity funds and private investors and is here to stay.

Affiliates earn between $37 to $284 for each person that signs up with us depending on the package based on a 15% commission.

Be part of a revolutionary industry that improves the class of society by leveling the playing field.

Commission payments are sent on the 5th of each month via Zelle, Paypal, or CashApp.

Affiliate tracking using promo codes and automated reports.

Got questions about our Affiliate program? Give us a call at +1 (855) 628-3700 x3246.